Goran Mimica

– Treviso, Italy

Goran Mimica, born in 1958 in the former Yugoslavia, has lived and worked in Poland, the USA and Great Britain before settling in Italy.

Since the mid-1980s Goran Mimica published Serbo both in his native language and in English several short stories, various articles and reviews and three books: "Kratka Motka za Neposlusne", (short stories, 2000), "Korografija" (novel, 2002) and "Svinado" (novel, 2005).

During the 90s he worked as a freelance writer in Fabrica, International Center for Research of Modern Arts in Communication in Italy where he met the Polish director Michal Kosakowski, the French writer Joseph Denize and the Italian composer Paolo Marzocchi. Since then, he is working with these artists in many different short films and various projects.