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Making things simple, cheap, functional and stackable. Toward a science of simplicity by George Whitesides.


How a soccer star is made. The youth academy of the famed dutch soccer club Ajax.

The youth academy of the famed dutch soccer club Ajax is grandiosely called De Toekomst — The Future.

Ajax once fielded one of the top professional teams in Europe. With the increasing globalization of the sport, which has driven the best players to richer leagues in England, Germany, Italy and Spain, the club has become a different kind of enterprise — a talent factory. It manufactures players and then sells them, often for immense fees, on the world market.

Everything about the academy, from the amenities to the pedigree of the coaches — several of them former players for the powerful Dutch national team — signifies quality.

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Tron Legacy is not a film but an 'entertainment property' that has 'repurposed assets' to create its own highly lucrative 'storyworld'

An article by Patrick Burgoyne for CR Blog.

Most films start with a script, a story someone wanted to tell. The Tron sequel, it seems, started with a business problem. The screenwriters' strike of 2007 had left studios with no new product. To fill the gap, Disney started examining its archives to see what it could remake and Tron seemed to fit the bill.

But instead of writing a script, it was decided that the first thing needed was a 'prototype' – a short film that would give potential investors and partners an idea of what the film would look like.

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“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing” - Lao Tzu


Gay McDonald's Adv in France

McDonald's has launched a new ad campaign that aims to celebrate the diversity of its customers, and one of the spots, featuring an interaction between a father and his gay teenage son, is gathering a lot of attention online...

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The Journey is better than the inn. John Wooden on patience and success.

John Wooden coached the basketball team at UCLA for 27 years. Under his leadership, the Bruins won 620 games and lost just 147. They won ten NCAA championships, and went undefeated through four different complete seasons.

Wooden went to UCLA in 1948, inheriting the worst team in the Pacific Coast Conference. UCLA won his first national championship 16 years later, in 1964, the first of a row of 10.

"You have to be patient. Good things take time. . . Basketball is not a complicated game, it's a simple game. Get the players in good condition, and teach them how to keep balance -- floor balance, physical balance, mental balance, moral balance. Very simple things."

John Wooden died on June 4, 2010.


A presentation on Brand utility by dutch marketer Ingmar de Lange


Illustration workshop by Martin Laksman at Palermo University, Buenos Aires

Martin Laksman, together with Adrian Folco, is giving a 2 days illustration workshop at the Faculty of Design and Communication at the Palermo University, Buenos Aires.

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Leandro Castelao lecture at "More Is A Bore" exhibition

Leandro Castelao togheter with Anthony Burrill, Buro Destruct, Karl Maier, Noma Bar and Ryan Dixon are among the artists showing at More Is A Bore – a new exhibition of minimalist graphic art at The Ship Of Fools gallery in The Hague, Netherlands.

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What makes a great hotel manager?

What makes a great hotel manager? Who is shaping the future of hospitality? Monocle visited the famous Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne to observe the service stars of tomorrow as they are put through their paces.

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