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Religion rebranded. "I'm a Mormon" communication campaign. 

A television, billboard and Internet communication campaign that uses the tagline, “I’m a Mormon.”

It features the personal stories of members who defy stereotyping, including a Hawaiian longboard surfing champion, a fashion designer and single father in New York City and a Haitian-American woman who is mayor of a small Utah city.

These Mormons are not only white, but also Asian, black and Hispanic, and from countries other than the United States. There are plenty of traditional two-parent families, but there are also single parents, working women and stay-at-home fathers, and even an interracial couple — all family arrangements rare among Mormons until recently.

The campaign began in 2010 and was extended in november 2011 to 21 media markets in the States.

Stories can be watched in www.mormon.org website.

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