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Argentina's graphic design pioneer Diseño Shakespear turns 50.

Fifty years ago, at the age of 16, Ronald Shakespear set out his design studio in Buenos Aires. The studio is internationally acclaimed specifically for its innovative work in wayfinding systems and Shakespear is regarded to be one of the fathers of the discipline.
Jorge Frascara, past president of Icograda and Professor Emeritus of the University of Alberta, wrote about this event.

Diseño Shakespear is pure energy, hard headed tenacity. Tenacity to really make things, and make them well, despite the logistical, financial and technical difficulties of a semi-developed environment, as well as the commonly found human blindness, egotism, incompetence and sheer ill-will to be found everywhere... Alan Fletcher once said that it is generally assumed that the main problem of the designer is the generation of creative ideas. He said that such assumption was wrong, that the main problem of the designer is to overcome the obstacles and make those ideas come true.

– Read Jorge Frascara's article…

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